Crested Butte Climbing

Full Day Climbs

A full day of climbing is great for beginners looking for instruction and challenge or folks already moderately familiar with the sport of climbing. The course focuses on the basics of the sport; belaying, rappelling, and an introduction to gear use. Get the most of your day from our guideā€™s local and intimate knowledge of local climbing areas such as Taylor Canyon, Cement Creek, and Hartman Rocks. 

If you're an advanced climber, request a day of multi-pitch climbing - we'll be happy to accommodate! Also consider joining us on a multi-day course focusing on gear systems and safety, culminating with an ascent of an area multi-pitch test-piece, a technical alpine peak climb, or a day in the Black Canyon.

Half Day Climbs 

Join us in either Taylor Canyon or Cement Creek Canyon at 9:00am or 1:00pm to get a 3 hour dose fun on the rocks! Great for beginners, families or those with limited time. 

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