The northern island of Hokkaido holds some of the deepest and driest powder skiing in the world. Cold air from Siberia sweeps across the Sea of Japan dumping consistent snowfall on the volcanic peaks of Japan’s northern most island. Irwin Guides offers two trips for your powder skiing pleasure: 


Based in the ski resort of Niseko we will use the ski lifts to access world class off-piste powder skiing! 
  • DAY 1: Depart US, arrive in Sapporo, shuttle to Niseko 6 night accommodations with breakfast (double occupancy) 
  • DAY 2-DAY 6: Ski Niseko resorts 
  • DAY 7: Depart Niseko via shuttle to Sapporo 

Trip 2: Diasetsuzan National Park

Diasetsuzan means “Great Snowy Mountains”. With a boost from a 100 person tram we skin and ski in the untouched mountains of Japan’s largest national park. 
  • DAY 1: Depart US, arrive in Sapporo, stay in Sapporo 
  • DAY 2: Travel to Asahidake 
  • DAY 3: Ski touring Asahidake utilizing the tram to access the region’s highest peaks 
  • DAY 4: Ski touring Asahidake, transfer to Tokachidake 
  • DAY 5-DAY 8: Ski touring Tokachidake area 
  • DAY 9: Return to Sapporo, check out Snow Festival or return to airport 8 nights accommodations with breakfast and 7 dinners (no dinner on Feb 5)
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